The importance of Valuing “Followership” in your organization.


By Manoj Raheja

Leadership is a word that gets tossed around so matter of fact, and is littered on everyone’s personal developmental plan that I find that it’s gotten a bit diluted. But let`s not let that hold us back on celebrating the types of leadership that are so critical to an organization’s success. The one I want to focus on and applaud is Courageous Leadership.

Think of those people in your organization. The ones who go against the trend; who stand alone and set the agenda; those who can envision what others can’t; those who go out on a limb and suggest something that other’s think is completely absurd! But as my good friend Albert Einstein once said, “If at first the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it.”

There’s no question that all organizations need this type of leadership but perhaps even more important than the person who has the guts to shout out this absurd idea…is the first person who has the guts to follow it!

The 1st follower play a huge role in starting a movement.

So how can this help you?
1. Look for opportunities to be that 1st follower. The one to validate the absurdity and create momentum.
2. Understand the importance of the 1st follower and applaud and recognize these people just as much as the courageous leader who came up with the absurd idea. You need both to start a movement!

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