How exciting is this! For the second year in a row, we’ve been named a top three finalist for the Qually Award, run by the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association). This award has been offered since 2011 as a way to honor creative problem solvers, and to recognize industry innovation and qualitative best practices.

Last year, we were thrilled when Meredith Morino and Gloria Watson achieved a top 3 finish. This year, we’re excited once again to learn that Barb Paszyn and Mike D’Abramo also achieved a top 3 finish with their innovative approach to a challenging research problem.

This year’s problem is all about transportation. “We know public or mass transportation isn’t for everyone – so we’re not looking at this with a rubber stamp, end-all approach. Instead, we’re focusing on major urban cities, globally, where mass transit options ARE available. We don’t need to create a system, we need to re-invent it. Can we inspire traditional drivers to ditch their keys and pick up a bus pass?” If you’d like to learn how Barb and Mike approached this research problem, make sure you register for the conference and listen to our presentation!

The winner will be named at the QRCA conference in Austin this January after conference participants vote for their favourite proposal and presentation. Good luck, Mike and Barb!

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