The other day my husband and I were cleaning up after a weekend breakfast and somehow got to talking about the division of responsibilities in the house (yes, I was nagging him).  My tactic this time was to threaten him with extinction of any utility for the male species based on his inability to answer 2 questions: 

 “How many rolls of toilet paper are in the house right now?” 

“When is our son’s library day at school?”

My point was that women, in addition to all the things that float around in our heads for work, need to know SO MUCH MORE to keep our families (and hence the world) running successfully.  That it was only a matter of time before we overtook the gender balance.

And then today I came across this presentation on CNN’s website by Hanna Rosin called “Are Women Leaving Men Behind?”

If you don’t’ have time to watch Hanna’s fascinating presentation, here’s a few startling facts: 

  • For every 2 college degrees earned by men, 3 are earned by women today in the United States.
  • Last year for the first time ever, women outnumbered men in the workforce and we are beginning to out-earn in growing fields.
  • And this one is fascinating – at US Fertility clinics, 75% of couples are requesting daughters over sons. 

While I’d love to gloat, as a mother of 2 boys I am finding this tough to take.  Hanna’s presentation talks about how this new economy doesn’t reward physical strength, but rather communication and creativity – things that women have traditionally excelled at.  Women have simply been better at acquiring skills for the new currency.  So fast forward 10, 20 years and we have an economy driven by the proverbial “breadwinner” now a women  – think of the implication for innovation, for marketing (imagine a world where Superbowl ads play 2nd fiddle to the Red Carpet at the Oscars – Oh I hope I live to see the day!) and the implications on dating and marriages (shudder).   

Take a few minutes to listen to Hanna’s speech – she is getting slammed for fueling the gender war which misses the point entirely.  What she’s really saying is – “here are the facts, we’re all in this world and living in this time together, let’s figure it out”. 

And then perhaps take just a moment to gloat gals – when you get home tonight by asking your hubby “Honey, what’s for dinner”?