Our Research Decision Wheel categorizes decisions to ensure our clients’ research plans are focused on the right big areas, informing which type of research to use.You can see in our case study “A Winning Playbook” how by using the research wheel enabled identifying insight needs and an approach getting the right information to come up with a winning strategy.

Identify – Where to Compete?

We develop an understanding of the market, the strengths and weaknesses of our brands and competitive brands, and uncover white space opportunities for growth. Ideas are born here!

Generate – What to Say/Do?

Once we’ve uncovered the opportunity to pursue, we need to develop a strategy for leveraging that opportunity. At this stage we are evaluating various strategies on the way to optimizing the one that we will bring to life.

Confirm – How to Say/Do It?

This is where the strategy comes to life via marketing programs ranging from new products to advertising, promotions, pricing, etc.

During this phase we are optimizing ‘how’ we bring our idea and strategy to life so that we put our best foot forward when we launch.

Assess – How to make it better?

Once our program or product has launched, we need to measure its effectiveness in the marketplace. Research conducted at this stage is designed to objectively assess impact and identify optimization opportunities. We often revisit the Ideation, Generation and/or Confirmation stages if we need to fine-tune or course correct.

We believe in frameworks, not handcuffs. All of our tools are customized to fit our clients’ needs.

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