Being in the business of insights, it strikes me that often people feel that insights need to be big, revolutionary statements that shake up the system and change the way we look at things. And while those insights can be useful, I would argue that more often the simplest insights are the most powerful. These are the insights that people hear and think “Wow that makes so much sense. Why didn’t I think of it?”

What got me thinking about this was seeing a new ad Life’s For Sharing from T-Mobile in the UK. Having lived in London for 3 years, I like to consider myself a pseudo-UK-er and watching this ad made me laugh at how true it actually is. You can just imagine the way the creative process went. Starting with the simple insight that Britain loves a deal, the creative team was then able to think of every other quirky, yet actual, thing that Britain loves. This resulted in a highly engaging ad (with a very tactical message) that will resonate across Britain.

Building on that success, the ad is hitting at a time when the country will be feeling increasingly patriotic due to British pride around the Queen’s jubilee and the forthcoming London Olympics. A simple insight and great timing – what a perfect combination!

Check out the ad below. And if you have time, you should also watch the other ads on their Life’s for Sharing YouTube page. There’s some really great work.

So what are the take-aways?

1) There’s nothing wrong with insights that sound like they’re too simple or common sense.  More often than not, they are the easiest to do something with, and the most powerful.

2) Whenever you’re talking to consumers, you can always make it more relevant by understanding and building on what’s happening in their worlds.

And feel free to share your examples of simple, yet highly effective insights!