A Fairy Tale Mash-up.

By Kerry Roberts

Once upon a time there was a strong, smart, and passionate woman who was attacked by a fierce dragon.  This dragon was named cancer, and she became very ill.  She was surrounded by people that loved and admired her, and she never gave up fighting.  She beat back that dragon slowly, and today has been cancer free for 8.5 years.   Her name is Jennifer Marley and she inspires us, and our clients to be better every day.

Each fall, in celebration of Jen’s successful battle, and others fighting this terrible disease, Sklar Wilton & Associates joins in the fight by supporting the Light the Night Walk.   This year, the team decided to take the ‘dragon fight’ to new levels.  They set their sights on being among the top Corporate donation teams.

“But we can’t” some said, “we are just 35 people, some of these other companies are industry giants”.

“I think we can” said Jen.  “I think we can” said a few others.

And they started slowly, building momentum just like the Little Engine.  And they enlisted the help of the entire organization and client support network.  They got silly and decided to put their “booties” where their mouths lay, and offered to do a dance on stage to inspire further donations.  And of course, like all fairy tales – they ate cake.

The happy ending?  We are proud to share that with an incredible $23,620 raised, Sklar Wilton & Associates achieved a very respectable #2 finish (Ok, cut us some slack, right behind GM . . . they make ACTUAL engines).

Many thanks to Jen, our inspiration.  To our fearless Light the Night team (Stephany, Melanie, Nancy, Allison and Tasman).  To our brave dancers, bakers, walkers and the hundreds of friends and clients who supported us this year.  We couldn’t have done it without you.