2 tips to manage large amounts of data.

By Manoj Raheja

Is your Organization data obese?  From tracking studies, to diary panels, to usage and attitude studies, to trying to listen to the internet, and on and on it goes.  It is so easy to put on a few extra pounds of data – It all just tastes so damn good!  So if you or your company feels like it may have a data obesity issue – here are two suggestions on how to trim down as part of a healthy business lifestyle:

1. Make sure you’re not eating empty data calories:  Review your data sources and ask yourself what decisions they are helping to drive?  If it’s driving true decision making then keep it within your diet.  If it’s very interesting but isn’t helping to drive better decisions – then I’m afraid these are what we call – empty data calories – and it’s time to cut them out!

2. Exercise and sweat the data until it’s a nice trim story:  Turning 100 page decks into a 1 page compelling story is not easy…Ensuring every page you present has less than 10 words on it is very hard…and so is exercising 6 days a week…but even if you never reach those targets – I’d argue it’s a smart thing to aspire to.

Although I’m very concerned of what my own clients will now hold me too – I pledge to you – that I will do my best to watch our data calories and to sweat that data regularly to try and tell nice trim stories!

This infographic below is both an example of how data obese the world is getting, as well as a nice way to sweat the data and get it down to a simple, visual, story…and that’s what makes it cool.

Source: http://www.visualnews.com/2012/06/19/how-much-data-created-every-minute/?view=infographic