Extract of our article in Strategy Online, December 14, 2018

Marketers can no longer afford to reject artificial intelligence simply because they don’t yet know how to incorporate it into their strategic plans. New players are disrupting every industry and established brands must take proactive steps to ensure that disruption doesn’t to happen to them.

Results from a Sklar Wilton & Associates study of Canadian consumers demonstrate that people recognize the utility of AI applications but, at the same time, they are concerned and distrustful of brands that use them. The long-term path to the successful implementation of AI strategies requires companies to approach the integration of AI with a “Triple Win” framework of Utility, Privacy/Security, and Trust.

Brands across categories are increasingly using voice assistants, chatbots, and robots to help consumers physically and virtually wade through complicated customer decision journeys.

Levi’s has implemented AI tools that help people find clothes that fit properly whereas Sephora and Lowe’s use AI to help consumers answer questions about products and services. Vodafone has gone one step further to customize their customer service voice assistant with a ‘Kiwi’ personality. Alibaba, a retail leader in applying advanced technologies, has created smart clothing racks and mirrors to help people see themselves in new styles without ever trying the clothes on.

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