A look at how a new generation of athletes are changing sports.

By Jennifer Marley

One of the gifts that Millennials have given us is a new way to view sports.  Once upon a time, there was auto racing and ski racing…two individual sports, each with a lot of history and very clear-cut rules.  Now, rather than rigid rules, there are ‘newer’ sports that reward individuality and creativity… and more often than not, just plain guts.  By combining ‘old school’ Racing with ‘new school’ Freestyle, sports have become fused together to provide something new and exciting.  Ski Cross is the perfect example of the absolute fusion of two different worlds.

Occasionally, things get taken to another level.  Old World sports like Auto Racing bring in ‘new school’ thinking to spice things up.  The result is this video of Stadium Super Trucks at the Honda Toronto Indy, taken by Canadian Tire’s Andrew Barrett.  Look familiar?

And just when you think things can’t get any better, you can always trust Red Bull to actually put the truck directly on the ski course.

The lesson for marketers?

Never stop inventing.  R&D is ‘rob and duplicate’.  Look over at what others are doing in other industries.  Are there things that we can try in ours?