At SW+A we have a simple guiding purpose – To Help Others Succeed.  We get up every morning and strive to do that – with our clients, with each other, AND with our charity.


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada is near and dear to our hearts.  We’ve had a Partner fight it.  We’ve had an Associate’s daughter facing a battle no child should have to face.  But with amazing strength, perseverance, and positivity both have come out the other end even stronger!  These are the happier stories…but stories like these don’t always have a happy ending.

At Sklar Wilton – we are about bringing Clarity, Actionability, and Return on Investment (ROI).  So allow us to make this case:

 CLARITY: Let us be clear on the problem.  This is too prevalent and fatal a disease…and we want to create more happy stories.

ACTIONABILITY: You can Help Others Succeed by clicking this link and sponsoring us for our Annual Light the Night walk on October 5th, 2011

ROI: You will be happier – It’s Science!  Check out this quote from the Happiness Equation by John Hallward of Ipsos ASI:

Our Brain Rewards Us When We Are Nice to Others

Modern scientists are learning, thanks in part to MRI brain scans, that humans have a pleasure center which releases dopamine when we are being altruistic and compassionate to others. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which gives us a rewarding feeling of happiness and warmth. It is a “feel good” chemical. Through evolution, humans have acquired this direct biological function which provides a specific reward for being cooperative, and caring. In a sense, this is our bribery for being nice, and it has helped us to thrive, in social tribes.

Our statistics show we have good readership on our blogs (we hope you enjoy them and they help you in some way!), and consumer behavior facts show that it’s a very small group of people who actually comment on blogs (and that’s ok!).  Here is our ask (1 time only).  Exit your comfort zone and comment on this blog by sharing your favourite quote about positivity.

Thank you for helping us to Help Others Succeed!

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