By Jeanie Hendrie

You know when you’ve had a great night and you wake up the next morning still buzzing (with excitement – in case that needed clarification)? Step into our office this morning and you can feel the positive energy. Last night, we attended the Great Place to Work gala to celebrate making the final list alongside many other impressive Canadian companies. But it didn’t stop there. Last night, Sklar Wilton & Associates was named Canada’s Best Workplace in the Small Business category, and is recognized in a special section of the April 27, 2017 edition of the Globe and Mail.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have received this honour from the Institute but, most importantly, we’re thrilled for each other. At Sklar Wilton, we talk a lot about intentional learning. ‘Make it up and make it real’ is a phrase you’ll hear often within our walls. We empower every member of our team to be the author of their own career and we apply the same thinking to our internal ecosystem.

Our People Flywheel is not only the foundation of our healthy business model, but an example of this empowerment. By hiring the best and ensuring they are engaged and supported, our team goes above and beyond to help others succeed and our business succeeds right along with them.

Our bloggers have been busy codifying a few of the ‘secrets’ to our success. But if we learned anything from last night, it’s that these secrets aren’t well-kept. There are lots of businesses out there cultivating great places to work. If we had to sum it up in a word, it’s attitude. It’s been said that attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference and we couldn’t agree more. Today, our attitude is gratitude. So, thank you to our team for coming to work each day with energized, positive, and creative minds. And thank you to our clients for keeping these minds sharp with your tough marketing challenges. We look forward to continuing this momentum into our next 30 years!