We are happy to have once again been certified as a Great Place to Work® for 2018.

The Great Place to Work® Institute defines a great workplace as one where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do and experience camaraderie with their colleagues.  At Sklar Wilton & Associates, we wholeheartedly agree, as those criteria are what we’ve always aspired to achieve within our team. That’s why we have created initiatives like:

  • Monthly State of the Nation meetings where the partners share everything from financial and employee updates to success stories and client feedback
  • Custom built “Flight Plans” that replace traditional personal development plans.  Employees are responsible for defining their future and then, together with their manager, building a plan to get there
  • Monthly Thirsty Thursdays where we spend time together and talk about things other than work.  We also enjoy regular fun events like cooking lessons, axe throwing and so much more!

Tied to that award, we are also happy to have been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Women. This award is presented to companies that have a minimum of 15 female employees and where at least 90% of employees agree with the statement “I am treated fairly regardless of my gender”.  In today’s climate, with so many stories coming to light about the negative treatment of women, we believe that it is vital for everyone at SW&A to feel engaged, recognized and fairly treated.

Here at SW&A, it has always been the opinion of our team members that counts the most.  We regularly track and measure engagement internally and have always thought that this was a pretty great place to work. That being said, it does feel nice to have an outsider like the Great Place to Work® Institute validate what we are hearing internally!