Sklar Wilton & Associates has developed and launched a Disruption Audit Solution to help executives assess how their business will fare in a world of disruption and identify where they need to lean in harder.

The solution focuses on three main dimensions: Consumer led planning, conviction for the future, and being technology forward. It aims to help companies better understand how they are fairing in terms of being prepared for disruption so they can future proof their business. In the resulting customized report, gaps among the three dimensions help reveal the ability of the business to disrupt before it is disrupted, and identify areas for improvement.

The Disruption Audit Solution helps companies assess the future landscape of the world and create an agreed upon aligned view of the future for their industry, company, and category. Through stakeholder interviews, a customized disruption digest, a full day workshop of immersion and scenario planning, the Disruption Audit Solution helps companies target their strategic planning and become better equipped to future proof their brands from potential disruption and transform into innovative leaders within their categories.

Companies like Sephora and Indigo/Chapters have discovered how to survive and thrive in brick and mortar despite the massive growth of online retail that has negatively affected other retailers. Their store sales are rising, and they plan to open more stores (a US expansion is in the plan for Indigo/Chapters). They’ve been monitoring cultural, demographic, environmental, and economic trends and successfully translated those complex systems into actionable business strategies to innovate and disrupt within their categories.

If you would like to learn more about how to future proof your business and prepare for disruption, please contact us to discuss our Disruption Audit Solution further.  

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