By Swhitty in the City

I’ve come to the conclusion that Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong. Easily one of Hollywood’s favourites, I’ve yet to see one of his movies that I haven’t dubbed the “best movie I’ve ever seen”. Nowadays, celebrities can’t go grocery shopping without it being headline news: so-and-so is buying pomegranates, they must be pregnant. Yet, somehow, the modern day Jack Dawson does well to keep his private life very private.

Linked to every Victoria’s Secret model in the catalogue, his date of choice to most award shows is his mother, Irmelin. (Everyone together now: “Awwww”) While he receives some ridicule for his affinity to models, like Tina Fey’s recent joke at the Golden Globes, he takes it all in stride, with smile and thumbs up.

Hollywood’s golden boy has really pulled out all of the stops with his latest movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Having seen about 80% of the Oscar Nominated movies of 2014, I have to say, this is my favorite of them all.

Having been nominated for an Oscar three times before, but failing to walk home with the coveted trophy, Leo has finally learned what marketers knew all along – hope is not a strategy. You need a plan to win, a purpose-driven approach that delivers a clear message to your audience. Despite being a very shy person, Leo has become an extrovert to increase his chances of a win…popping up everywhere to promote his film; from a quick stop to help Jonah Hill host SNL, to interviews on Ellen DeGeneres and spending the majority of the Tokyo premiere snapping pictures of the crowd and taking “selfies”. After years in quiet corners of Hollywood, Leo has finally shown up to win.

Here’s to hoping this is his year!