By Erin Dunsmuir

Here at SW+A we’re thinking a little differently about employee engagement. We call our approach “Spirit of 32” and this blog series will chronicle our journey. We’ll share what we’re learning along with resources you can leverage. We’ll be your test bed so if you have ideas, please let us know.

To kick off our SW+A “Spirit of 32” employee engagement program, we called on an expert to inspire us and get us headed in the right direction: Dr. Karyn Gordon.  You may recognize the name – Dr. Karyn is a best-selling author and relationship expert.   You can check out her website at

So, why did we ask Dr. Karyn to spend the day with us in early February?  So she could help us “Dare to Dream”.  You’re probably wondering:  Did it feel a bit uncomfortable, sharing dreams with colleagues?  A bit, at first, yes.  But was it worth it? Also, yes!

In a fun, interactive way, Dr. Karyn shared her tools for developing “EQ” (Emotional Quotient).  To apply them, there was something in the day for everyone:  In the morning, the right-brains amongst us were fulfilled – cutting and pasting to make collages representing our dreams in the 6 key areas of our lives (relationships, recreation, money/finance, school/career, health/fitness, and spiritual).  In the afternoon, the left brains got their chance as we put together action plans to achieve those dreams.

It’s been 6 weeks since our inspiring session with Dr. Karyn.  We had an internal follow up session this week to see how people are doing with their plans.  Most of us have started taking steps towards achieving the dreams in our collages – which we keep front and centre in frames at home or at work.  We compared notes and agreed there are some common best practices to keep moving forward to achieve our dreams:

  • Take the time to create a vision of your dreams in all the 6 key areas of your life.
  • Keep a visualization of your dreams front and centre
  • Share and align your dreams with those close to you
  • Make a plan that includes small, incremental steps
  • Start! Take a small step. Pat yourself on the back for that!
  • Avoid time wasters and seek energizers.
  • Recognize your progress
  • Keep Dreaming Big!

So, if it ever looks like one of us SW+A folks is lost in thought a million miles away, we’re really just Daring to Dream!  Will you dare to dream too?