We can't predict the future, but we can plan for it.

Strong teams know the value of planning for the future, whether it’s marketing change, process change or people change. We get the right stakeholders in the room and facilitate candid, productive discussions that move companies forward.

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We help marketing teams with planning by starting with a long-term vision that considers industry trends, competitive strengths and company resources. We work backwards from this vision to co-create energizing and feasible annual plans with clear investment priorities and initiatives.

How might we deliver this? We help our clients develop better business plans. We bring together siloed parts of the organization to co-create their marketing and communications plans.

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We use strategic facilitation to bring multiple functions together. For retailers, it’s often marketers, merchants,  operations and franchisees. For manufacturers, it’s often marketing, sales, finance and R&D. By bringing business silos together, we help our clients design the right action plan faster.

How might we deliver this? Go-to-market or marketing activation processes are often inherited and rarely rethought. Our facilitated approach engages a cross-functional team to start from the beginning and build the right process for them.

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We help our clients build effective strategies to grow the important ‘people’ side of their team or organization, including employer branding, people development and optimizing corporate culture.

How might we deliver this? We advise our clients on how to structure for high performance. This is often done in an intensive planning session with the team lead followed by an energizing visioning session with the full team.

Given important differences between industry and company, we customize our approach to each client. Take a look at one of our related case studies to find out how we’ve done it in the past.


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