P32: More Powerful than a Google search

By Gloria Hong

Question: I’m looking for examples of brand names that were able to extend into a new category despite the fact that their original claim was not a great fit with the new area.

Arm and Hammer: moving from extending the use of baking soda from things like fridge deodorizer and cat litter have now moved into items such as laundry detergent, fabric softeners and antiperspirants where their RTB of removing scents or smells is now playing in a field where they actually adding scents and smells

Apple: started as personal computing, expanded to communication and home entertainment devices, continues to expand into online shopping service

Google: started as a search engine, extended into software and utilities, started partnering to build hardware, communications

Roots: From Clothes to Airline (never took off)

Starbucks: From Coffee to Music

Virgin: Spanning many disparate things (records, radio, cell phones and more).

Minute Maid: From frozen OJ to fresh (not too far a leap).

Tylenol: From pain relief to Cold, Flu and more.

Crest: From toothpaste to crest white strips (small leap from a cleaner to a whitener)

Bobbi Brown: From makeup to skincare (trading on name)

Oakley’s: From core business of sunglasses/goggles and moving into technical apparel (again trading on name)

Chocolate bars (Rolo, Smarties, After Eight) into ice-cream flavours, hot chocolate drinks

Oreo: From cookies to ice-creams

Del Monte: From fruit cans to fruit bars, sherbet and frozen yogurt

V8: From vegetable juice, to fruit & vegetable (this one not too far) to soups

Aveeno: From soothing bath treatment to a huge line (inc. body lotions, shampoos, baby care, sun-care, etc.)

Mott’s Fruitsations: From apple sauce to fruit snacks and frozen bars.

Nike: From shoes to sportswear, golf, hockey

McDonalds: From burger and fries to coffee (McCafe) to children’s books (UK)

M&M’s: From chocolate pieces to ice cream, video games, solid chocolate bars

Budweiser: From beer to TV (Bud TV)

Calvin Klein: From clothes to furniture, housewares

Tommy Hilfiger: From clothes to luggage, kid’s clothes

Kraft Dinner: From noodles to crackers

Cadbury: From chocolate to cookies