How more really is better.

By Gloria Hong

You’re working on a problem and you think to yourself – “Why am I re-inventing the wheel for this? Someone must have done this before.” That’s when you reach for P32.

At SW+A, we have something more powerful than the almighty Google search. It’s called P32.  P32 is so important to us, it is part of our purpose and beliefs. So what the heck is P32 anyways?

The Power of 32 (P32) means:

  • Having 32 heads against 1 problem
  • Having CPG, Retail, Business to Business, and Technology expertise all rolled into a one stop shop
  • Having over 224 years of experience at your fingertips when you are going through something for the first time
  • Giving Exponential value to our clients

In short, P32 is the power of collaboration to help one another and giving our clients exponential value.

Because another core belief of SW+A is “Helping Others Succeed”, we will be posting our best of P32’s to the blog, to share some of our best brain babies to help you succeed with your challenges.

Stay tuned!