By Sarah Whitty

Shockingly, I got engaged 7 months ago. ‘Shocking’ because it feels like only yesterday that it happened, yet in that 7 months I’ve efficiently booked a church, venue, florist, decorator, cake decorator, ordered dresses for myself and my bridesmaids, sent save the dates and even ordered my invitations. No wonder I am exhausted!

I am a Type A individual who likes to do everything myself. So naturally the thought of sending those tiny RSVP cards, checking the mail daily to update my spreadsheet with meal choices and song requests followed by hounding people for the next 8 months is my nightmare. That’s when I was directed towards Appy Couple. It’s an online wedding website tool that doubles as an app for your smartphone. This doesn’t sound all that exciting until you look at all of the capabilities!

On this website, you can place any information about your wedding including how you met, maps to the venue, suggestions on where to stay and a countdown to the big day. For me, the fact that I can create an online itinerary of events was nice, because this will be most guests first time to Newfoundland so there will be plenty of organized activities.

The icing on the 3-tiered cake was that… wait for it… you can upload your guest list excel spreadsheet onto the website, and as people RSVP online (through the link and wedding code provided on the invitations) and select their meal choice and song selections, the spreadsheet is updated and can be exported and ready to give right to the caterer, eliminating the dreaded task of opening each of those tiny envelopes and tabulating how many fish versus chicken!

Websites like this are revolutionizing the wedding industry and are definitely a breath of fresh air in such an established industry.