Have you seen the Geico commercial where Meerkats spread office gossip? It’s generated more than 2 million branded views on YouTube since it was posted on August 20, 2018.

What about the University of Phoenix commercial advertising classes for working adults? This ad has generated more than 6 million branded views since it debuted on YouTube in March, 2018.

Every week, iSpot lists the most engaging TV ads and shares their online views and social actions. It’s a great way to find out which brands have cut through the noise and resonated with consumers on a personal level.

Seeing a commercial on TV is one thing, but remembering the brand name and then taking an active step to find it and engage with it on social media is a completely different thing.

So this week, it was a rare occasion that I watched TV, and even more rare that I paid attention to an ad. And what could be more rare than that? I saw an ad that both my husband and I found funny enough to actually LOL. An ad that was simple yet poignant with insight.

Picture it: A family is eating dinner when a kid knocks over his food. In slow motion, you watch the food roll off the plate while the parents slowly dive in to catch it, yelling “Noooooooooo!” On the ground, the family pooch raises her ears, her eyes, watching the food fall, rejoicing with a huge “Yeeeeeeeeees!”

I even noticed and remembered the product category and brand name.

Bounty paper towels.

Still laughing, I grabbed my phone so I could share the ad with all my doggie parent pals. I searched for Bounty, for paper towels, for falling food. I searched for videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe. I searched on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Here I was, desperate to share branded content with my friends and I had a major problem. I COULDN’T FIND THE AD ONLINE.

 We all know Word of Mouth from trusted influencers is a top predictor of purchase intent and subsequent purchase. In fact, a study of UK consumers found they were five times more likely to purchase something promoted by an influencer. Influencer marketing has become a hugely popular way for brands to avoid ad blockers, build personal connections with consumers, and reach people who don’t consume traditional media.

So I don’t know about you, but being unable to find an ad seems like a huge marketing opportunity loss to me.

My ask to Bounty (and all companies really) is this: Post your ads online! You know when your ads will launch on each of your media channels. You can easily schedule those ads to be shown simultaneously on all of your channels including your YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. Let your most avid fans do your marketing for you. Let influencers share the burden of increasing your reach, improving your SEO, and creating buzz for the low, low cost of nothing!

I’d still like to share the ad with my friends. Any help?