With great sorrow we share that Luke Sklar has passed away after a 3+ year battle with severe depression.  Sadly we still know so little of this disease and the thoughts of hopelessness it can create.
Luke started this business in ‘86 with so many skeptics saying that he would always be a one man band and facing the reality that 95% of small businesses fail by year 5.  32 years and just under 40 people later SW&A has been helping some of Canada’s and the world’s most iconic brands.  But his bigger legacy is in doing it the right way and creating an amazing place to work for all our associates and helping and mentoring the people behind those iconic brands. 
We’ve been working with Luke and his family to support him through this battle and as he moves on, our support will focus on his wife and daughters as well as the continued awareness of depression.  Sick Not Weak is a not-for-profit organization supporting those with mental health illnesses. Luke was close to their work through his friendship with Michael Landsberg.
Donations can be made in Luke’s name here: Sick Not Weak