It’s a lifetime achievement award that anyone who’s worked with Luke Sklar knows is so well deserved. The American Marketing Association (AMA) has recognized Luke’s enduring contributions to the marketing community by inviting him to be inducted into their Marketing Hall of Legends. Luke is the recipient in the Enabler category which honours marketing communications professionals with a proven, long-term track record of providing excellent brand building expertise.

Twenty-nine years ago Luke founded Sklar Wilton & Associates (SW&A), a marketing research and strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping their clients succeed through a deep understanding of their consumers and customers. SW&A’s client list is long and showcases many of Canada’s most recognizable brands. Some examples of key clients and their tenure include: Heinz (29 years), Mars Canada (27 years), Canada Bread (20 years), Molson Coors (7 years), Shoppers Drug Mart (7 years) and Canadian Tire Corporation – including Marks, Sport Chek, and Sports Experts (4 years).

Michael Medline, President & Chief Executive Officer Canadian Tire Corporation described Luke’s contributions in a recent note to him:

“I hope that you know how important you have been to the success of Canadian Tire. Without your work and advice, we would never be in the position we are today.”

Michael Medline, President & Chief Executive Officer Canadian Tire Corporation

More recently, SW&A has added M&M Meat Shops and Tim Horton’s to their client list. When Andy O’Brien became the CEO of M&M Meat Shops last year, one of his first calls was to Luke:

“I have had the opportunity to work with Luke, and his team, for 17 years across 3 different organizations. Luke is visionary, strategic, and is constantly challenging the status quo to find innovative and meaningful insights that can lead to real in-market performance. He is constantly challenging his team and my team to ensure that our energy is focused to deliver real business results. Luke is a true business partner.”

Andy O’Brien, CEO M&M Meat Shops

Over the years, Luke and SW&A have seen their clients grow their business and brands through countless programs and initiatives including new product launches, award winning creative, new store designs, portfolio strategies, acquisitions, etc. At the core of each of these achievements was a game-changing consumer insight that Luke and his team uncovered.

Luke’s not just about business achievements. He cares deeply about the people behind those achievements and is committed to mentoring the next generation of marketers. To these mentees, he brings his trademark passion, energy and focus to help them achieve their career aspirations. One mentee recently described Luke this way:

“For the past 13 years, Luke has been my personal cheerleader and mentor. He truly measures his success by how well I do. He has an uncanny ability to remember every time I’m walking into something important and he always reaches out in advance with extra encouragement and advice. It means so much to know I have someone in the trenches with me who’s as invested in me as they are in the work.”

With SW&A, Luke has worked hard to build a different kind of company: one where people are truly valued and appreciated for their contributions. An SW&A employee describes Luke’s approach this way:

“Luke’s passion is infectious. His excitement and knowledge helps to make me excited for new clients and how we can help them succeed. It helps to make me feel like my small contributions will help clients succeed.”

If you’ve had the pleasure of working with Luke, you know he’s smart, passionate, energetic, generous, inspiring, provocative, action-oriented and now…HE’S A LEGEND!

Please join us as we honour Luke at the AMA Marketing Hall of Legends Gala at the Liberty Grand on January 21, 2016.

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We send a big Thank You to the AMA and the many clients and colleagues who have nominated Luke for this award.


About the AMA Marketing Hall of Legends

The AMA created the Marketing Hall of Legends to honour Canadians who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence in the field of marketing. It is meant to honour a body of work and a lifetime of achievements. The criteria for selection is based on those Canadians whose ideas and contributions to marketing and brand building have made a tremendous impact in the Canadian and/or global marketplace. Legends are inducted into one of four categories: Enablers, Visionaries, Builders and Mentors.

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