By Annie Pettit

This mission is personal for us. Our favourite charity has been near and dear to our hearts for more than twelve years since a member of the SW&A family was directly impacted by cancer. Now, we’re firm supporters of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association of Canada (LLSC)

Their mission is bold – To cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. LLSC has funded research leading to blood cancer medical advances such as chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy, saving thousands of lives. These advances have also helped with treatments for other cancers and diseases.

We’ve supported the LLSC and participated in the Light the Night campaign for more than 12 years. In that time, we’ve helped to raise more than $200,000 for them.

This year is no different and the Sklar Wilton team will be raising funds in three different ways.

Light the Night Fundraising Walk

Most important, since this is where the majority of contributions come from, we’ll be participating in the annual Light the Night walk. This year, it takes place on Thursday October 19, 2017 so now is the time to put your team together! In Toronto, it starts at 5:00pm at Nathan Phillips Square. Times might be different at other locations across Canada.

Light the Night walks are evenings filled with inspiration. During this leisurely walk, families and friends gather together to bring light to the dark world of cancer. Thousands of walkers carry illuminated lanterns showcasing their relation to the cause; a white lantern for blood cancer patients and survivors, red for supporters, and gold in memory of loved ones lost. In Toronto, the walk winds its way through Hospital Alley past numerous major hospitals that focus on research and teaching. It’s particularly, poignant as it passes by Sick Kids Hospital where children look down from the windows and shine their own lights on the walkers. The event is very accessible so strollers and wheelchairs are welcome.

You can support the Light the Night walk in a few ways:

  • Donate to the LLSC at any time to support the cause and make a positive impact.
  • Donate to our team until October 19, 2017 if you’d like to support the Sklar Wilton & Associates fundraising team.
  • Join our team if you’d like to fundraise and walk with us. We’d love to see you!
  • Create your own team if you’d like to. Yes, there’s still time to put together your own team to support this worthy cause. 

Employee Events

Several of our SW&A teams have created unique events for our employees as well as the public.

  1. This week, our Fun Team held their annual BBQ for employees on our patio overlooking Yonge and Eglinton. Every burger cost a bundle but those bucks will benefit a brilliant charity. (Yeah, you see what I did there!)
  2. Mark your calendar! Friday, October 6th at 2200 Yonge Street from 11am to 3pm. You are invited to our annual bake sale to partake in delectable and delicious treats, including cookies, brownies, squares, cupcakes, loaf slices, and even delicious gluten free and sugar free options! Or, you can simply leave a donation. Our tasty and tantalizing bake sale will be held in the lobby of our building at 2200 Yonge Street from 11 to 3. That’s on the East side of the building at the South-East corner of Yonge and Eglinton. Come one, come all!
  3. Our Market Research and Analytics team will be holding their annual Trivia Lunch for our employees. They’ve planned a delicious sandwich bar (pay up for LLSC!) with all the tasty breads, meats, and fillings they can imagine to go along with competitive team trivia. Questions will cover a wide range of topics including sports, history, science, geography, and pop culture. There is, of course, an entry fee for our employees to play – the winners will take home a nice prize and most of the funds raised will go to the LLSC.

Donation Enforcement

Last but not least, we’re getting ready to launch our annual Professional Infraction Fines. Any employee who forgets their security pass at their desk or at home will have to pay up. Anyone who forgets to book a boardroom or hijacks one without reserving it, or forgets their laptop at home will have to deal with an even bigger fine. But the best fine of all is reserved for anyone who loses their pass – $25!

This is definitely not the time to slack off! Or maybe it is…

We hope to see you at our bake sale on October 6, 2017, or at the Light the Night walk on October 19, 2017!