By Jennifer Marley

Remember the Fireplace channel?  Recently Swiss Chalet did one better and launched a Rotisserie Chicken Channel (Rogers 208).   In addition to the yummy visual of crackling chickens on a spit, Swiss Chalet includes temporary promotion codes that can be used to get special offers.   Ok…so there’s been mixed feedback from the super positive (this is a fun and creative, not to mention delicious idea) to the extremely negative (the usual ‘advertising is a waste of money’ to the ‘my coupon code isn’t working).  Here are the lessons that I’ve taken away from this:

  • Be creative…this idea is new and hits the mark.
  • Make sure your promotions are super simple … while multi-channels and short expiries improve ‘call to action’, they also can create cranky customers.
  • People who have the time to write big complaints about a light-hearted idea are lucky…they have nothing better to complain about.


Way to go Swiss Chalet.  Congrats from your friends SW+A.