One of the great things about working at Sklar Wilton & Associates is the people we are surrounded by each day. We call each other SWANs – Smart people who Work hard and are Ambitious in a Nice way. This blog post is brought to you by one of these very SWANs, Laurie Thompson, who shares with us lessons learned from our avian friend Mother Goose.

Sometimes life lessons are staring you right in the face, literally.  If you were standing in my corner of our office, you could share my view of Mother Goose – a Canadian Goose who has taken up residence in a flower box on the patio of an office tower in a busy, construction-filled intersection of the city, for the second year in a row. There she sits, bestowing important life lessons for anyone who cares to pay attention:

  1. Life is cyclical: seasons, sleep, moods, workloads – they all have a cycle and there’s comfort in knowing that things will come and go and come back again.  Try to enjoy the ride.
  2. Patience is power:  we put a lot of currency in being busy. It’s easy to forget the power of operating at the slower end of the pace spectrum.  Slowing down provides an opportunity for introspection, mindfulness, creativity.
  3. Even rewards have their snags: After 28 days, Mother Goose will get the reward for all this bed rest, fluffy little goslings.  Those goslings will be her pride and joy but we all know, they’ll also cause her endless frustration and anxiety. There’s value in managing our own expectations of life and remembering that life is a cycle.  This too shall pass.