By Gloria Hong

You voted and I ate, and luckily did not suffer from food poisoning. So what did you pick? Survey says…




Almost half of you wanted me to eat a cronut burger, so I did. And my sincere thanks to you for (the traumatic) experience.  Overall, it was pretty terrible. But let’s break it down for you:

The Cronut: Super cinnamon-y and sugary, the cronut had a nice density to it that held together well, even after being split  in half and soaking in burger grease. On its own, it reminded me of a churro.

The Patty: Extremely fresh beef, cooked to a juicy perfection. Almost reminded me of a Shake Shack patty, which on another bun, might have been a home run.

The Toppings: I opted for the standard processed cheese topping. You can add bacon and/or a fried egg if it’s not interesting enough for you on its own. And let’s not forget the mushy maple bacon “jam”. The pureed baby-food-esque “jam” was probably the biggest misstep – adding unnecessary flavour and a truly unpleasant texture to the burger.

While every component on its own was not bad, there were too many flavours and textures going on.  It definitely felt gimmicky to me – taste is not king in this case. At $10 a burger (actually, more of a slider) it won’t be cheap to fulfill your curiosity.

As the Ex is a great place to explore new food trends, this one goes in the “Dare Food” trend bucket – as in “I dare you to eat this”. Cronut burgers and ramen burgers might be fun to talk about, I don’t think we’ll see them go mainstream in their current form any time soon.


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