By Annie Pettit

Having worked with Sklar Wilton & Associates as a consultant for a few weeks, it seems appropriate for me to talk about an upcoming event, the 2017 Best Workplaces In Canada Awards Ceremony being held in downtown Toronto on April 26, 2017.

The marketing and market research industry has many players and deciding which ones to consult with is an important decision. I don’t want to work with a company simply because they need more hands. I want to work with companies that I can be proud of, whose core beliefs match my own. I want to work with companies that strive to do the right thing not the easy thing, companies that genuinely care not only about their clients but also their employees and suppliers.  Companies that offers valuable opportunities for people to learn and grow and better help their clients. I decided to consult with SW&A because, well, it’s a great place to work.

Right now, Sklar Wilton & Associates is certified by the Great Place to Work Institute which means the company demonstrates high levels of workplace culture. This certification is given to organizations whose employees confirm through detailed feedback that the organization consistently demonstrates the behaviours of a great workplace, meaning they:

  • TRUST the people they work for
  • Have PRIDE in what they do
  • ENJOY the people they work with

In less than a week, we will find out whether Sklar Wilton & Associates have reached an even higher standard: being named to the final list of Best Workplaces in Canada. At the upcoming gala, three groups of small, medium, and large companies seek to be named one of just 115 Great Places to Work in Canada. I hope the Great Place to Work adjudication committee sees what I did when I chose to consult with SW&A.

Ever an optimist, I will be rooting for SW&A. Good luck team!