Facilitation Tips ‘N Tricks

By Katrina Harpell

I always like to have some toys in the room for a session.  Everyone thinks differently, learns at their own pace, and uses different tools to concentrate.  So it’s handy to have objects in the room to help facilitate thought – nothing like a Nerf ball to the head to keep you on your toes!

Idle hands – idle mind:  It’s great to have soft, pliable toys at each work station for those who like to have something to mold while working.  I always have a great assortment of stress balls, Koosh balls, Playdoh and Nerf balls on hand.

Work it out: Maybe some people in the room work better getting up and moving around instead of staying seated.  For an all-day session I’ve set out some sports equipment around the room.  You can pick up mini toys at any Dollar Store – try a mini golf set, Nerf footballs, hula-hoops & jump ropes for a start.  Get the blood flowing and ideas will follow!

“If you build it, he will come”

Odds & ends: Ask people in the office to donate old kids toys – Lego, Playdoh, costumes, musical instruments – it’s cost efficient and toys get a second life!  Costumes are great too – especially if you are known to enjoy planning a themed session.  I have pirate swords & eye patches, clown wigs, colorful décor for a circus theme; more on this in a future blog on Energizers!