By Gloria Watson

I remember the first conversations I had with Jeremy Stabile and Greg Stevens, principals at Facet Squared. I needed help recruiting research participants for a thorny project, yet our conversations were filled with anecdotes of WWF stars “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Jake “the Snake” Roberts and the discovery of a mutual love of punk rock. Fast forward to a few years later, and Jeremy and Greg are now my go-to people when I need help recruiting in the USA and globally.

What happened in those few years was the development of a dynamic, trusting, and fruitful partnership. Facet Squared has helped us deliver solutions for some of the most challenging projects we’ve worked on. From thoughtful cultural insights to smart costing, their value as a true partner (vs just a supplier) has helped me grow both as a researcher and as a research advisor for my clients.

I think, most importantly, that Facet Squared and SW&A share many of the same values. We really aim to help each other succeed. We go above and beyond whenever possible. We are honest and provide feedback to each other for constant improvement.

During this time of thankfulness and reflection, I’m truly thankful to have Facet Squared as one of my valued partners in research.