How far are you willing to go to stay relevant to your consumers?

By Swhitty in the City

I recently splurged and treated myself to a night out on the town with my girlfriends to see the Beyoncé & Jay-Z: On the Run tour at the Rogers Centre. Being a mega fan of Beyoncé, I could not have been more excited! The girl is a life sized Barbie doll with dance moves that you literally need to hold your jaw up with two hands while watching. Not only does she belt out all of her famous hits without fault, she outshines all of her back up dancers while doing so. Pure talent.

With a combination of 40-odd songs between her and her hubby, it was an amazing show that included the majority of their solo hits, as well as their popular collaborations. They seemed very much in love and it was great to see. But with recent media speculation of Jay steppin’ out on Bey (especially since Elevator-gate), it’s hard not to wonder: Is there trouble in paradise? Or is this all just a plot to sell more tickets for their tour?

I know what you’re thinking; Beyonce and Jay-Z shouldn’t need help selling out arena tours. This is the Royal couple of music! Both artists are incredibly talented performers with serious staying power…just look at longevity of their careers.  But with strategic on-stage lyric changes that made you think he cheated and now make us wonder whether they’re expecting a second child, I can’t help but think  Jay and Bey are playing the world like a fiddle. Is this a façade to protect their respective brands from bad publicity if they split, an attempt to maximize ticket sales for their tour or just a plot to stay top of mind in the media at all times?

Which begs the question, marketers: How far are you willing to go to stay relevant to your consumers?  I’m left wondering, let the Bey and Jay media circus serve as a cautionary tale – desperate attempts for attention are just that, desperate. And they are just as unattractive in brands as they are in the people you are dating. A little mystery can go a long way.

With all of this hoopla, I’m feeling a little disconnected and confused about my favourite musical couple. All I know for sure is that if Beyonce can’t keep her man, we’re all screwed!