By Sarah Liverance 

With a pandemic under way, many of us are in our third month of working virtually, not working at all or enough, or playing a frontline role as an essential worker. We’re all experiencing different and stressful circumstances. Whatever your situation, one thing we have in common is that work as we knew it has changed.

During the first few weeks, it was new. We spent lots of energy trying to figure out how to make things work, and how to connect and engage with our colleagues, friends, and family. And some were doing all that while struggling to home school kids, entertain toddlers, or take care of elderly loved ones. We’ve been running on adrenaline.

But now the adrenaline’s wearing off. We’re realizing that we don’t have infinite energy.

We’re exhausted.

As a business leader, if you haven’t talked – really talked – with your management teams and employee base about this, it’s time. An effective and productive corporate culture is one that embraces a mentally healthy employee base. This means that leaders need to enact best practices and supports that ensure their team doesn’t burn out as we navigate many more weeks and months of unchartered territory. We’d like to help with that.

About a year ago, we launched Headway for Healthy Minds at Work to honour our founder, Luke Sklar, after he died by suicide following a 3-year bout with severe depression. Headway is all about inspiring business leaders to take action, to commit to doing at least one thing to advance mental health best practices in their organizations. This pandemic has thrown us countless mental health challenges making Headway’s mission more relevant than ever.

As part of the Headway program, we’ve prepared this downloadable PowerPoint presentation toguide leaders through a conversation with their employees about the emotional complexities of COVID-19. It includes robust speaker notes, helpful frameworks, and free resources to share directly with the team.

This is a marathon not a sprint so let’s put one foot in front of the other and do one more thing to fill our workplaces with healthy minds.

Learn more about Headway, a movement to promote and support healthy minds at work. Download Headway resources and guides to help your workplace start the conversation about mental health.

  • Business Case for Healthy Minds at Work: Hard facts that show the positive financial impact of implementing mental health programs in the workplace.
  • Resource Roadmap: Links to Canadian organizations that specialize in supporting mental health in the workplace.
  • Employer Guide: An integrated and holistic way of thinking about workplace mental wellness.