You know what it feels like…a shopping experience (in store or online) that leaves you feeling inexplicably contented, relaxed, and fulfilled. Whether it was the retailer’s ability to know what you needed even before you did, or whether they delighted you with personalized service, it feels different than the ‘everyday’ shopping experience.

How do they do this? Well, using some basic ingredients of success, brands can create more of these magical, differentiating customer experiences.

The ingredients reflect two major categories. First, companies must know who they want to win with and what they want to stand for. This includes building:

  • Target segments: A segmentation model that defines target segments and/or occasions based on what drives growth in the category. Deep insights into their needs and unmet needs are key.
  • Brand promise: A clearly defined brand promise and value proposition which demonstrates the plan to delight customers and create differentiation.
  • Value alignment: A brand or company purpose and aligned behaviours. Your employee actions are an important expression of your brand.
  • Customer-centricity: An organization that embraces customer-centricity wherein literally everyone in the business is accountable for creating a great customer experience.

And second, companies must spend time defining their ideal action journey based on their knowledge of the Customer Decision Journey. This includes:

  • A consumer decision journey map: An understanding of the customer decision journey for each of your target segments validated using qualitative and quantitative insights.
  • An action journey: Co-creation workshops with a skilled strategic facilitator to lead to success.
  • Action: A CSAT system that enables a ‘closed loop’ process wherein every customer question or complaint has a clear owner and is followed up on. Great customer experience is built on a personalized, one to one basis.
  • Tracking and course correction: Great customer experience organizations have a relentless desire to test, learn, and constantly optimize. Their system enables the connection of all data inputs from any source including social media, website behaviour, customer care centres, and in-store shopping transactions.

With these eight ingredients in hand, you’ll be ready to create a unique, magical experience for your customers.


Ready to learn more? Download our Triple C™ framework for a template that will help you develop strategies and tactics that are beneficial for the consumer, the customer and the company. Or, learn how we helped M&M Food Market breath new life into their brand by understanding who to win with, defining a compelling, differentiated brand promise, and overhauling the customer experience.