Thank you for your interest in Headway.  You are joining the hundreds of professionals in our Headway community who have committed to take action and improve mental health practices in their workplace.

Here’s how you can participate:

Join our Linkedin group for resources and to hear from peers about challenges and success in their workplace. 

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Download and print your own Headway Pledge Cards to share with your colleagues.

Once you’ve decided on your pledge:

Please consider sharing it to increase awareness of this movement.

  • Take a photo of your pledge, and post it on LinkedIn with the hashtags #Headway #HeadwayMovement and #HealthyMindsAtWork 
  • Post your pledge directly to Social Media



Mental health is not a simple issue but your pledge can be. It might be as simple as “I pledge to tell my manager about the #Headway Healthy Minds at Work movement.” Or, it might be as complex as “I pledge to talk to our benefits provider about improved options to prioritize mental health in the workplace.”

There are unlimited types of pledges and a few of them will be right for you.

To inspire your thinking, here is a selection of sample pledges.

Send Us Your Pledge Directly

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If you would like to get involved or become an ambassador of the #Headway movement, please email us at

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