The Globe and Mail turns 175 today!

As a marketing advisory firm that helps companies grow by building stronger brands, we offer you congratulations on your success. As the most widely read newspaper on weekdays and Saturdays, and the newspaper with the largest circulation in Canada, you’ve done what some felt was impossible. While paper may have declined as the preferred way of reading, you have continued to invest in quality journalism by evolving to bring the best to online, mobile, and e-newsletter platforms. You continue to invest in relevant tools like Portfolio that help and inform your readers. Your success stems from the fact that you’ve stayed true to your brand purpose. As stated by Publisher Phillip Crawley, “our promise remains the same – to provide Canadians everywhere with journalism that matters.”

While we haven’t worked together in recent years, Sklar Wilton & Associates is honoured to have been part of your journey to success.

On the Globe and Mail website, they share their brand story: “On March 5, 1844, George Brown – a Father of Confederation – launched the Toronto Globe, a then-weekly newspaper which became one of the most influential publications of its time. In 1936, The Globe acquired a smaller rival, The Mail and Empire, which created The Globe and Mail. Since then, Canadians have relied on The Globe for coverage and insight on the country’s key moments. We’re looking forward to writing the next chapter in Canada’s history, so we asked a number of prominent Canadians: What’s one thing you would like to see Canada accomplish in the next century?”

Continue reading what Canadians would like Canada to accomplish on The Globe and Mail website.