Sklar Wilton & Associates Ltd. also had limited resources to work with, according to Sarah Liverance, a partner at the marketing consultancy. “We had to be thoughtful about what we chose to invest in.”

The company wanted to maintain employees’ work-life balance but also provide them with learning and development opportunities, she said. “So we took the intersection of those two things and we said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to equip our team with a tool kit of resources they can draw upon to help them get through life, to be better mothers, husbands, sons, daughters, parents, all of that.’

“So we came up with this notion of a whole-person development program. It’s really been a combination of internally developed content as well as externally sourced. We’ve offered everything from personal goal setting, great habit formation, financial planning, all the way through to the physical aspects like nutrition, exercise, energy management, sleep, all the way to the most spiritual and mental sorts of content,” said Liverance.

“We’re continuing to pursue this and four years in. It’s continuing to yield great results. People talk about it as life-changing, and it’s been a real cornerstone of our engagement program.”

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