By Annie Pettit 

Just a few days ago, I wrote a post about my experience buying a pair of Fluevog shoes. I was completely impressed with the customer service they offered and how forward looking they are about meeting customer needs. When it comes to creating an experience that generates loyal, engaged, and passionate customers, Fluevog has without question over-achieved.

What I did not realize is that this passion for meeting customer needs has created Fluevog fanatics everywhere. The love is plastered all over Twitter. There’s a Facebook fan page. There are thousands of fan posts on Instagram. They even sit beside me every day! As soon as I wrote the post, my colleagues started sending me pictures of their Fluevogs. Look at MY gorgeous Fluevogs. Look at MY pretty Fluevogs! No one was eager to show me their shoes or their heels or their boots. They wanted to show me their Fluevogs. Talk about name dropping! Talk about brand loyalty!

So, let’s stroll through Fluevog Lane at Sklar Wilton & Associates, and find out why my colleagues are so loyal and passionate about this one particular brand of footwear. And while you’re reading, conduct a bit of small sample size content analysis along the way.

I love the bright, happy colours and the funky heel (even though you can’t see it in this picture). I love that they are wide enough to not squish my toes. I love that they came in half sizes so I could get a perfect fit. I love that I can take them to the store at any time to get them polished properly. Thanks Fluevog for creating shoes I absolutely adore!

– Annie 



I love my Fluevogs so much that I dropped everything and put them on just to show you! I LOVE that they are so different from every other shoe I own. I love that my hubby bought them as an Anniversary gift because he thought I’d look good in them. I love the reaction I get when I wear them. I love that each style is like a work of art. I love that on top of being gorgeous, they are also super comfortable.

– Amber


Ok. I admit it. I have a problem. But in my defence, I’ve been curating these beauties for years. I now own ten pairs of Fluevogs. From punk to pretty and everything in between, I remain passionately in love with every pair.

– Jen M

My Fluevogs are a joyful go-to in the bland winter months.  Why? I love recollecting the shopping  experience in the Distillery  District, it was akin to strolling through an art gallery.  love that the company is Canadian. I love that the styles are so distinctively Fluevog, yet each one has its own personality. For my first pair, I chose neutral coloured Fluevogs so I could maximize the wearings… and I have!  Now that spring is around the corner maybe it’s time for another, more colourful pair???

– Erin


Can we talk about all the one’s I WANT?!?! I have been coveting a few different pairs for a while now. They have such an amazing 1930s vibe without looking costumey. They’re unique but still incredibly wearable. Now I just need to make the plunge, visit a store, and try them on. 

– Ashley 


The passion and loyalty that people have for Fluevogs is evident in the words they choose. Unique styles that truly can be found nowhere else. Beautiful works of art that you’d find in an art gallery. The ability to support amazing Canadian talent. 

Fluevog has built a business that caters to creativity, to trendsetters, to fashion leaders. They know what their business is and it’s reflected not only in footwear worthy of being called art, but also in the retail outlets that are better described as art galleries. If you’d like to learn how to create a retail and brand experience that is vastly superior, simply visit one of their outlets. I dare you not to buy a pair for yourself!