Lessons on how to reinvent your brand.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

Once upon a time Tim Tebow was one of our favourite topics; appearing in no less than a dozen EIM posts.  He’s the football player that polarized many with his use-the-NFL-as-your-pulpit approach to faith.  Remember Tebowing?  We stopped talking about him when he was waved out of the NFL. 

Well, he’s back in the press; recently signing to the New York Mets minor league BASEBALL team.  Whaaaaat?  Surprising, but he’s hardly the first athlete to switch sports.  Basketball god Michael Jordan did a stint in baseball.  Bo Jackson, widely considered one of world’s greatest athletes, played both major league baseball and football (winning All-Star status in both sports). 

But Tebow ain’t no Bo.

He’s got many lifting their ball caps and scratching their heads wondering if this is some kind of joke. 

Regardless of the rationale, what is evident is someone has used the defibrillator on Tebow’s career.  Clear! 

While every brand, even a celebrity, goes through a journey to reinvent themselves it’ll be interesting to see if Tebow can pull it off.  He just might have enough athleticism and a cheering section of cult followers to be resurrected.  So if you’re brand is flailing, find that new path:  something that plays off your strengths but in a way that aligns to your brand promise.

And let’s all just take a moment to be thankful that Tebow didn’t aim for a singing career instead.