(Even more) lessons from Justin Bieber.

By Amber Hudson

It’s the look that won him a place in the hearts of millions of screaming fans (more on that in a moment).  Justin Bieber’s make-‘em-swoon haircut is officially back!   Is the new coiffe a sign the Biebs is going back to his roots; that he’s longing for the simple days of stardom without melodrama?

Looking back at 2016 it’s clear he’s looking to get his groove back so take note brand marketers! 

He focused on what’s important:

  • Earned his third No. 1 song in a row
  • Became the first artist to reach 10 billion views on YouTube
  • Ended the year with four Grammy nominations 

He silenced the drama:

  • Justin deleted his Instagram account (and later called it the devil) after fans posted nasty things about his friend Sofia Richie.

He’s really trying to connect with his fans:

  • Justin played to an intimate crowd of 1500 fans at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall, with proceeds going to a Stratford charity
  • Told fans at a Manchester England concert to ‘fortheloveofgawd’ quit all the incessant screaming: “I feel like I want to connect, you know? My point of the no screaming thing is when I’m looking you in the eyes, you can actually know that we’re having a moment, having a connection right?”  Amen brother.

So what does 2017 hold for our favourite EIM topic?  We predict, like Samson, as long as Justin’s hair remains true, he will continue to succeed.