Lessons on how a little class will help you go a long way.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

A debate is raging in the NFL: should end zone celebrations be part of the game. Some think the NFL has clearly lost its mind what with every gesture landing a fine on the player. Others say it’s about time as these often lewd and insulting dances put the spotlight on the individual player and not the team. So what’s the answer: is the No Fun League stripping all the excitement out of the game or are they just trying to keep a little class in a world that sure could use some?

The way we see it there is a fine line between being entertaining and just being an ass. Case in point:

Jerry Rice, no end zone parties needed…super classy. Antonio Brown’s end zone twerking, Cam Newton’s self-absorbed “I am Superman” move….both should probably go.

Taylor Swift, classy! Kim Kardashian, a little bit of her dignity disappears with each “like”.

Hilary, uses every fibre of her being to stay classy while being hollered at by an angry orange man. Trump…ugh. He’s the manifestation of a world that has completely lost its class. Sure, he’s found an audience receptive to his message, but it’s a cheap date. And by most accounts the waiter is already walking over with the cheque.

Here’s the thing: the classy ones are the ones who stick around the longest, who we celebrate for years beyond the asses. Crass, boorish behaviour might breakthrough in the short term. But if it’s longevity you’re looking for…have a little class.