Lessons from the US election on how Canadians are great marketers.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

On November 6th we quiet Canadians, with our own snooze-worthy politics, sat in our arm chairs to watch the drama of the US election unfold.  An incredibly tight race combined with a unique cast of characters: Diane “(allegedly) Drunk” Sawyer, Karl “In-Denial” Rove and Donald “Certifiably Outrageous” Trump kept us in rapt attention. It certainly entertained us, but it also further highlighted the differences between Americans and Canadians.

Sure, we all know there are many differences.  Books have been written on this.  But buckle your seatbelts and allow me to take an abrupt turn and link this to Canadian marketers.  Talk to any company in Europe, the PAC rim, and you’ll find they will pay a premium for Canadian marketers.  And here’s why, because Canadian marketers are…

  • Not American (sad but true…we love our American neighbours but they have a tarnished Global brand)
  • More worldly
  • Generous listeners
  • Adept at work in small markets, with small densities, with smaller budgets
  • Great generalists

This is fact folks, not a personal bias.  Another fact, Canadians may indeed be the world’s greatest marketers.  But before you put in for a transfer, exercise caution when dealing with your global counterparts:  be careful and don’t get too cocky, condescending and start bashing Americans (that’s so un-Canadian anyway).  Just be your polite, hardworking self; execute with sizzle and impact and you’ll do just fine on the world stage.