Lessons learned from the NHL playoffs

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

We’re in the throes of  a streetwar between the Canucks and Bruins. A bad momentum shift as we stare at a another possible Cup headed south of the border.There has just been a nation wide contest that named the Prime Minister’s cat “Stanley”. We are hockey lovers to the max …but wait!!

I’m sweating. I’m sitting on my deck in 35 degree heat getting my tan on. Why are we talking hockey now? Why does it take so painfully long to get the Cup Finals? Why does every series go seven games? Is our love of the game so deep that we could stay glued for 12 months a year?  Does chasing the almighty dollar ever compromise the quality of your offer? Does familiarity breed contempt?

Yes the ratings are acceptable. Yes the games are exciting. Yes we have a Canadian team involved at last.

But we think the league should do better.

Sure the NFL can put on a show (potential blog: “Jerry Jones pleasure dome-only in America!) but how much of their success is that every game means so very much? We think a lot.

So marketers, what are the questions? Does your brand overstay it’s welcome? Are you hanging around after the last guest has left?

It is a fine line between breakthrough and break up.  In today’s “ADD” mindset, the dream is at the point of maximum engagement: Be snappy, be exciting..and leave them wanting even more next time around.

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