The Top 12 Lessons from our Blog

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

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Everyone seems to be doing their own moment of retrospection. So we asked ourselves, should we too hitch a ride on this bandwagon? Jeanie did a great job pulling together an infographic on some of the top blogs at SW+A. Here is our own little list of the top 12 (because why stop at just 10) lessons from the Everything is Marketing blog.

It turns out football players are fertile ground for marketing lessons:

1. We kicked off this blog with the nephew of Jesus himself Tom Brady with the lesson that great brands are resilient but the product must deliver. And any branding is puffery if not rooted in truth.

2. Michael Vick taught us how to rebuild a brand gone wrong: give a sincere and specific apology, but don’t grovel. Remind people why they loved you in the first place. Hook up with others that can help fill the cracks in your cred. And just give it a bit of time. Something else will piss your fans off and they’ll forget why they were mad at you in the first place.

3. And Tim Tebow showed that a successful business is about the right leadership celebrating the differences within the team. In a sea of mediocrity and sameness it’s important to stand apart. But remember, different and bad is a problem. Different and winning is good.

Even the mundane had lessons:

4. The lowly ham sandwich: there is always a craving for authentic goodness. Go ahead, choose the trendy, the sexy, the buzz-worthy. But don’t forget, a classic is always a classic.

5. The weather: no one pays you for excuses, they pay you for answers. You can for certain predict that next year will be unpredictable and to control the controllable.
From the mundane to the controversial, lessons abounded!

6. Charlie Sheen, one of our most read blogs, taught us great leaders are like brands: the consistent delivery of a positive and authentic promise will stand the test of time and be shockingly train wreck resistant.

7. Porn has proven that you must invent on behalf of your most passionate users, take risks, embrace technology and find innovative ways to reach your target.

8. And we figured since we covered porn, religion was fair game: C-list celebs who turned to religion to resurrect their careers taught us perhaps there are other market segments to explore, that you must bring something new to the congregation to get those hands waving and that you must come across as legit, the real deal.

We pitted nihilism against optimism:

9. Nihilism: Any person or brand who lacks passion and purpose will eventually fail. But every great brand has meaning and purpose. Put aside your analytics, gross margins, P&Ls for a moment and take some time to find that inner passion, that sense of meaning that will drive you and your brand to success.

10. Optimism: In a world of craptality TV your brand needs to be the eternal optimist. Be real, tell the truth, but be positive. People are painfully aware of their problems; brands need to find optimistic solutions: celebrate the good, the positive, and the happy.

11. Cat memes showed us brands need to keep consumers guessing, they shouldn’t take themselves too seriously and don’t suck up to your consumers like a dog sucks up to its owner. Like a cat, you need to earn their respect.

12. Speaking of cute, tiny, cuddly mammals, we predicted Justin Bieber’s career would be over in 2012. Hmmm, maybe that will be our mea culpa. We’ll follow up. Anyway, he has taught us to truly understand what you are the very best at, stick to it and don’t let others dictate your strategy

And at the end of the day our Thankful blog reminded us that marketing is fun, it’s sexy, and it’s creative. And you have the power to create your own happiness in your job. So keep that in mind and be thankful!

So there it is, our very own year in review. Maybe it’s the spiked eggnog talking, but I think we did a pretty good job in our rookie year of supporting our thesis that that every single issue in life, every topical person, story or event, has a marketing lesson. But we’re aware of the sophomore jinx so we’ll try to stay humble.

We thank you for reading and we’ll catch you in the New Year!

Luke and Amber