Brand strategy lessons from the hated.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

If there’s ever a person who is unfailing in his promise, has a tone and manner that’s lasted throughout the years and has an uncanny ability to keep people talking about him it’s Satan.

From his clear vision of punishing the damned right down to his red duds, he’s nailed his brand strategy.  Look around you, there are lots of other folks that have been down- right vilified but can teach us about brand strategy:  Gary Bettman, Charlie Sheen (who we wrote about in one of our post popular posts), Rush Limbaugh, Snookie. I’m sure you can think of a few more.  You gotta give it to them, they…

  1. Have a clear brand promise
  2. Are unquestionably consistent in their messaging, tone and manner
  3. Have a clear target, and know it’s not necessary to win the hearts of everyone
  4. Shake things up, provoke conversation
  5. Are relentless!
  6. Truly don’t give a damn if people hate them.  They stay the course no matter what is slung at them
  7. And they are just being themselves

We can hate them, but we can’t fault them.  Life would be so boring if everyone was apologetic, inconspicuous, ordinary.   The same goes for brands.