What John Tory can teach us about managing expectations.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

Wait…shhhh….do you hear that? Listen closely….it’s quiet in Toronto. At least at City Hall. Aside from a few cheers when John Tory was sworn in as our new Mayor, it’s pretty evident the circus has left town.

John Tory is the best casting-call Chief Executive of all time: he’s smart, charming, a collaborator and actually plugged into decision-making at City Hall.

And he’s peaked.

Like Obama’s “Hope” campaign, the Maple Leafs at the start of every season, your brand new phone when you sign that contract or those flashy new shoes, John Tory brings hope that this time things will be better.

Fast forward 12 months and people will be yawning over how boring he is, griping about “what has he really done for me lately” and taking pot shots for putting on a few pounds.

We truly love and welcome you as our Mayor Mr. Tory. But why should you be any different than every other shiny new toy?   No brand, politician or movie star is as good as their reputation. The key is to deliver the goods without over promising.

We are not asking you to be the 2nd Coming of Mayors. All we are asking is for you to be honest, patient and normal. You don’t even need to make the Toronto subway system the “Better Way”, we’d be happy with the “Above Average Way”.