Lessons from Tim Tebow on how to make the right decision.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

Tim Tebow, the Jesus-loving, meme-inspiring, highly polarizing NFL quarterback, was recently, and rather surprisingly, signed by the New England Patriots.  We get it:  he’s a great athlete, inspiring, selfless and dedicated.  And we believe he’s behind a secret plot to replace Aaron Hernandez, the Patriot’s tight end currently under suspicion of murdering Odin Lloyd.  Why?  Because Tebow knows he’d make a significantly better tight end than a quarterback.  You heard it here first:  Tebow murdered Lloyd, framing Hernandez, thus paving the way for him to quietly slide into the newly vacant tight end spot.

Ha!  If we kept going we would have started to believe it ourselves too.

And that’s the lesson.    If you are part of a cult brand like Nike, Starbucks, Apple…or the Patriots who think they are so invincible nothing, not even Tebow as a QB could bring them down… you need to jump outside once in a while and make sure you are not believing your own bull.  Have a look around you, gather the facts, get differing opinions before your near sightedness gets you into trouble.  I mean of COURSE signing Tebow was the wrong decision!  CLEARLY Bill Belichick was in the bathroom when the decision was made.  How else would you explain this madness?

[We regret to inform you this will not be our last blog on Tebow – he’s just too ripe with lessons.]