Lessons from the NFL on looking past the stereotypes to see what’s really going on.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

As we near the end of regular season football we couldn’t help but reflect on the past year.  And it became clear that something is up.  This week’s thesis, and lesson, is on the current state of manhood…and how you only need to look at the NFL (or porn for that matter, but that’s another post) to see where it stands.

And it stands in a state of confusion.

The “old” NFL was mean, dirty, full of criminals and the legendary destruction of the human body (as ESPN’s Jacked Up used to display on Monday Night Football).  Today’s NFL is filled with concussion worries, quiet, hardworking, heavily protected quarterbacks and anti-showboating penalties.

Look at Richie Incognito, suspended by the Miami Dolphins for his (alleged) role in harassing teammate Jonathan Martin.  Something that would have been ignored a few years ago is garnering anti-bulling support from the league.  Now there are reports that “multiple sources have said Incognito may have taken orders from Dolphins coaches to “toughen up” Martin.”  Guess they didn’t like the state of his manhood.

Or what about Sean Peyton and the Bounty scandal:  the New Orleans Saints’ head coach was suspended for implementing a bounty program which rewarded players for deliberately knocking opposing players out of the game.  Right or wrong, there’s no doubt this has been going on since football was invented.  It’s not until now that someone was busted….and Peyton became the first head coach in modern NFL history to be suspended for any reason.

Cue Bob Dylan because the times, they are a-changing’.

So the lesson is to look beyond the surface, beyond the stereotypes to find out what’s truly going on.  Are beer drinking men immature frat boys, or do they have a sensitive side?  Are Millennia men shallow and self-centred, or do they have deep passions they seek to follow?  Have a close look and you might be surprised.