“Brand Greatness” lessons from Kate Middleton

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

Kate Middleton is the world’s greatest product.  When was the last time you’ve seen anyone or anything so perfectly packaged, so consistently flawless?  If she wasn’t so (seemingly) kind, smart and grounded it would frankly be rather sickening. Let’s face it, she’s nailed every major standard for being a great product, and that’s why we love her:

Clarity of promise:  she is the beautiful Princess of the People.  And this is reinforced in every move made, every word spoken.

Packaging is everything:  Kate looks consistently fabulous at every single moment (come on, what first-time mother looks that great the day after slogging through a natural birth?).  And talk about sweating your wardrobe…

Understand your target: the common citizenry love Kate.  And to connect with them Kate has carved out her own rules, damn Royal tradition.

Associate your brand with the right people:  From mingling with the right dignitaries, to marginalizing her sister and returning Kim Kardashian’s baby gift Kate keeps only the right people close.

Have only one spokesperson for the brand:  sure we love Wills too, but it’s Kate who grabs our attention, fills the newspaper and website pages and keeps the water cooler nattering fresh.

Don’t let your target get to know you too well:  she’s approachable; she lets us think we know her.  But Kate remains slightly distant, slightly more rarified (not everything can be Top Shop).

Now Kate has given us her greatest line extension…Prince George.  Just like Honey Nut Cheerios became bigger than Cheerios, he will have the same great qualities as his mother, but will bring refreshing news.

So to all you Cokes, Nikes, Apples out there, let’s face it, you’re minor league compared to Kate Middleton.  Learn from her and your brand may benefit from Her Royal Greatness.