By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

Welcome to the Everything is Marketing blog.   We are here to prove that every single issue in life, every person, story or event, has a marketing lesson.  And we want you to join in the conversation.   So crack those knuckles and weigh in on the discussion, share your thoughts and ideas, agree or disagree.  Bring it on, we want to hear from you!

The other day I was sitting at my desk and Luke was doing his Making-Sure-Everything-is-Okay prowl around the office.  Halfway through, he stopped by my desk and we got to talking about this blog.  At one point Luke looked at my lunch and said “you know, everything IS marketing, even that ham sandwich.”

 I did the smile and nod, slowly turned back to my computer and made myself look busy.

A couple days later I was driving to a client meeting and that conversation popped in my head and I laughed out loud.   A ham sandwich!  Marketing!  That’s actually funny!  Then someone told me about a Tim Horton’s billboard they’d seen. Celebrating the ham sandwich. 

So of course this got us thinking:  there is something alluring about the simplicity of this noble lunchmeat sandwich.  It’s so incredibly decisive, so focused, so single minded.  You can dress it up with fancy mustards but in the end it’s still a ham sandwich. 

So what’s the lesson?  There is always a craving for authentic goodness.  Go ahead, choose the trendy, the sexy, the buzz-worthy.  But don’t forget, a classic is always a classic.