An Everything is Marketing Year in Review.

By Amber Hudson

Each year we like to reflect on all the topics we’ve covered. Once again celebrities, sex, politics and religion top the list (to no one’s surprise). 2014 saw lots of good, a little bad and a few things we never want to see again:

Lots of Good

Pope Francis made us ask ourselves if we have what it takes to be that ‘turn around leader’.

Robin Williams’ stories will live on as a remarkable legacy.

Country Music showed us how important it is to do what’s right for your brand.

Taylor Swift’s talent and positivity made it feel good to celebrate the high ground for once.

A Little Bad

The McDonald’s Happy Meal mascot reminded us to never underestimate the power of a distinctive visual property.

The fact that the missing Malaysian Airlines plane has come out of the public conversation altogether is bad.

Public Shaming is a wakeup call that everything you do impacts your brand.

Glad You’re Gone

Our prediction of Justin Bieber’s downfall finally came true.

Through the Ice Bucket Challenge we learned we all have a shade of narcissism in us.

We moved on from the Ford circus and welcomed the relative calm of John Tory.

So what do we predict for 2015?

  • We hope the Broncos win the Super Bowl, the Leafs win the Stanley Cup and We The North continues to excite and unite us.
  • After a decade of Millennial entitlement and angst we will see more positive energy and future trends driven by Generation Z (BTW, what the heck are we going to call the generation after that…does it start at A?)
  • And we’ll see the explosion of ‘box’ brands like Birch Box, Top Box and Fancy Box as they tap into trends around customization, curation, ease, convenience, ecommerce and surprise and delight.

Until our predictions come true, enjoy the holidays and see you in the New Year!