Another lesson from Tim Tebow on harnessing your differences.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson 

First let me set one thing straight, this is NOT a mea culpa.  But a couple weeks ago we wrote about the marketing lessons we learned from Tim Tebow.   In the disaster that was the start of his season he taught us it’s okay to be different no matter how much you’re hated, even if you play crappy football.  Since then our righteous QB has done a 180 and is on a 6-game winning streak, in the running to be team MVP and may play the Pro Bowl, causing sports commentators across the land to wonder all kinds of WTF.  Now we get semi-smug emails from our colleagues highlighting these facts.  Even our friends at Sylvestre Marketing have since called us on it.  Here’s what we say…BRING IT.  It’s not about him winning. It’s about him teaching us another marketing lesson.  YESSS!

If we’ve learned anything in marketing it’s spend to strength.  That goes for people too.  Every person has a unique strength, a special ability that should be fueled in order to reach their full potential.  In the case of Tebow, his coach John Fox has figured out how to harness Tebow’s highly unorthodox way of playing ball.  He has simply surrounded Tebow with the right people to compensate for his weaknesses:  he built a running team, he focused the offensive line to protect Tebow while he’s taking his sweet time releasing the ball and as for his awkward footwork, well that’s trainable!

So now what have we learned?  A successful business is about the right leadership celebrating the differences within the team.  In a sea of mediocrity and sameness it’s important to stand apart.  But remember, different and bad is a problem.  Different and 6 straight wins is a lesson! 

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